Dear Esteemed Clients,

While we understand that the present situation in the world is devastating, small and medium scale businesses are financially affected, there are ways we can adopt to boost our potentials while maintaining other necessary measures in fighting corona virus pandemic. Below are some of the ways to keep you and your business going;

  1. Wake up early as you would when you are going to the office or shop and do your normal chores
  2. Take a good bath and eat your meals as at when due
  3. Open your working tools (PC, smartphones, Ipad etc) and ensure you are seated responsibly like you do at your office 
  4. Log into your SwiftBulkSMS platform and Send a catchy customized sms to your customers. Ensure you come up with an innovative message that shows care, seeking for patronage, always ready to serve, etc.
  5. While you log into other social media platforms (whatsapp, telegram, instagram, Facebook, snapchat etc) to respond to your numerous chats, ensure you market your business to at least 10 persons. Do this regularly and you will see great increase
  6. Read motivational and spiritual books

We shall unleash more ideas in our next blog.

Just ensure you are maximizing this lockdown period to bring out the best out of you.

Thank you and Stay Safe Our Valued Client.